Townsend Artisan Guild

The Voice of Art on the quiet side of the Smokies

"The mission of Townsend Artisan Guild is to connect fine arts and fine crafts and the people of East Tennessee through education of youth and adults, professional development of local artisans, and community development. The membership of the Corporation promotes an active interest in the arts through exhibits, demonstrations, lectures, and education as well as raising standards of professional performance among its working artisans."

Tip of the Month

Why did I paint/carve/photograph/create this image?  What caught my attention in the first place?  Is it successful or not?  These are all questions to ask ourselves.  What catches my eye initially: color, curving lines, patterns, texture, humor, emotion, action…Always debate those questions with yourself.  Regardless of how you might feel about a specific piece of art, the important thing to remember is that every piece of work enables you to learn and to grow.  View and re-view your artwork over time.  Some that did not excite you at first might look better a few weeks or months later.  Others that you loved right away might stay high on your list, or might diminish in importance as time passes.  Those that stand the test of time will be the “winners”.  Those that do not are not “losers”, but rather are teaching tools that will help hone your skills and your creativity as you continue your artistic journey. 

Adapted from Mollie Isaacs, Awake The Light Photo Workshops and Tours,

Townsend Artisan Guild - Founded 2007 in Townsend, TN